Season 1

June 22, 2024x

What Astonishes You About God? | Matthew 22:33

Send us a Text Message.Matthew 22:33 - The crowds were astonished by Jesus. What astonishes you abo...

June 21, 2024x

Restrictive Parking, You and God | DT on the Run

Send us a Text Message.While on vacation, Pastor Dave finds a parking lot with lot of restrictive s...

June 20, 2024x

Is There An Immediacy to Being in Heaven When I Die? | Matthew 22:31

Send us a Text Message.Matthew 22:31 - Using Jesus powerful words to the Sadducees, Pastor Dave spe...

June 19, 2024x

Will I Be Married to My Spouse in Heaven? | Matthew 22:30

Send us a Text Message.Matthew 22:30 - Jesus straightforwardly addresses whether there is marriage ...

June 18, 2024x

Knowing Scripture and the Power of God | Matthew 22:23-29

Send us a Text Message.Matthew 22:23-29 - Jesus reprimands the Sadducees for their lack of knowledg...

June 17, 2024x

Atheism and the Sadducees - What Do They Have in Common? | Matthew 22:23

Send us a Text Message.Matthew 22:23 - The Sadducees had some very strange beliefs. How does that p...