Daily Truths with Dave Ahlman

Daily Truths with Dave Ahlman

Daily Devotions - For Real Life. Pastor Dave Ahlman walks us through the New Testament, verse by verse, in five minute daily devotionals with real life application.

June 22, 2024x
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What Astonishes You About God? | Matthew 22:33

Send us a Text Message.Matthew 22:33 - The crowds were astonished by Jesus. What astonishes you abo...

June 21, 2024x
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Restrictive Parking, You and God | DT on the Run

Send us a Text Message.While on vacation, Pastor Dave finds a parking lot with lot of restrictive s...

June 20, 2024x
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Is There An Immediacy to Being in Heaven When I Die? | Matthew 22:31

Send us a Text Message.Matthew 22:31 - Using Jesus powerful words to the Sadducees, Pastor Dave spe...

June 19, 2024x
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Will I Be Married to My Spouse in Heaven? | Matthew 22:30

Send us a Text Message.Matthew 22:30 - Jesus straightforwardly addresses whether there is marriage ...

June 18, 2024x
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Knowing Scripture and the Power of God | Matthew 22:23-29

Send us a Text Message.Matthew 22:23-29 - Jesus reprimands the Sadducees for their lack of knowledg...

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Great start to your day!

I love how Daily Truths starts my day! Pastor Dave and I go back almost 20 years and God uses him to inspire me every day now! Dave's a great man and a great child of God! Keep on it gang! You do a world of good out there!

Follower of Truth

Hi Pastor Dave, This isn't a review; I'm simply using this form to ask if you take requests for Daily Truths. If so, would you please consider Romans 8:26-27 as a topic? I am groovin' on that passage today, but it'd be great to have some additional interpretation and explanation beyond my own. Thank you for considering...

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How Great Daily Truths is!

I sure appreciate the Daily Truths messages every day. They remind me that I am a child of God, that I'm forgiven for my sins and they set my heart and mind right for showing others that they too can be saved and have peace. Thanks Pastor Dave and crew!!