Daily Truths with Dave Ahlman

Daily Devotions - For Real Life. Pastor Dave Ahlman walks us through the New Testament, verse by verse, in five minute daily devotionals with real life application.

May 20, 2024x

What It Means to be On the Team | Matthew 21:43

Matthew 21:43 - Pastor Dave talks about a great high school teammate on his basketball team. What d...

May 19, 2024x

Through Evil Plans Comes Hope! | Matthew 21:40-42

Matthew 21:40-42 - God used the rejection of Christ by the religous leaders to bring us the hope of...

May 18, 2024x

Fighting for the Inheritance | Matthew 21:37-39

Matthew 21:37-39 - Jesus blatantly tells the Jewish religous leaders that they will kill the Son of...

May 17, 2024x

Get A New Pastor Through a Chain Letter | Matthew 21:33-35

Matthew 21:33-35 - The leaders of Israel, down through the years. did not receive the prophets or t...

May 16, 2024x

Kent and Pastor Dave talk about "cognitive decline"

Pastor Dave and Kent talk about our fallible, error prone ways, and why we need Jesus!To Receive To...

May 15, 2024x

Why Can't We Remember Certain Words?

Sometimes Pastor Dave can't remember certain words. Why do we struggle with that? Listen to find ou...